Guide to Maintaining your E-cigarette

Guide to Maintaining your E-cigarette

Maintaining your E-cigarette

Guide to Maintaining your E-cigarette

1. Continuously have enough e-liquid in your clearomizer

It’s fundamental to have your clearomizer topped up with eliquid to avoid from dry burning. Utilizing your e-cig when it’s low on fluid can likewise harm your clearomizer and it should be replaced all the more regularly.

2. Charging battery correctly

On the off chance that you’ve been utilizing e-cigs for some time, you’ve most likely seen that you get more vapor when your battery is completely charged. To abstain from being caught out, it is in every case great to have an extra battery with you. While charging, just utilize the right charger provided. Try to possibly charge your battery when it’s empty to prolong its life expectancy.

3. Clean the connection between the clearomizer and the battery

Clean or dry the top of your battery connection by rubbing its surface with a cloth  to remove any debris. This guarantees the battery can give a strong connection with your clearomizer to control a fantastic vape. We find this is best finished with a cotton bud, however a tissue can do the job.

4. Lock the battery when not in use

All our batteries have a locking capacity which ought to be enabled when you are not utilizing your e-cig. This avoids from the clearomizer being activated when it’s not being utilized and will prolong its life.

5. Keep your e-cig upright

Keeping your kit upright implies that the atomizer inside the clearomizer is always soaked with e-liquid. This enhances your vaping experience, and furthermore implies it’s more averse to spill. What’s more, let’s face it, nobody prefers a cracked e-cig.

6. Change your clearomizer consistently

Clearomizers should last around 1-3 weeks relying upon your utilization. In most models you can change the coil or head inside to save extra cash. In spite of the fact that you can replace the coils or heads inside, we do suggest that you change your clearomizer every few months to keep your kit fit as a fiddle!

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