Mods Have Gone Mainstream

Mods have gone mainstream

Mods have gone mainstream

When held for specialists and hobbyists, as vaping has developed, so has the interest for increasingly advanced vape mods.

It’s not difficult to perceive any reason why box mods have gone mainstream; modified vape pens can boost performance, making it conceivable to go longer between battery charges and get most extreme vapor and throat hit in each pull.

As individuals have switched to vaping as a swap for smoking altogether, they’ve likewise searched out progressively more sophisticated set ups – today there are a huge scope of various box mods to look over that outpace traditional e-cigarettes in every way.

In case you’re new to the scene and considering a case mod setup for yourself, here’s all that you have to know.

What are box mods

As e-cigarettes originally came to market they were intended to nearly resemble traditional cigarettes in size and shape. And keeping in mind that the little size was advantageous, as more individuals did the switch their poor battery life and conflicting force implied users started looking for increasingly reliable and incredible choices.

In the good ‘ol days there was nothing industrially accessible to comprehend common complaints, so hobbyists started making their very own alterations, inevitably inciting manufacturers to stick to this same pattern.

Box mods are distinctive on account of their shape; the extensive box at the bottom of the pen looks in no way like a cigarette, yet in return vapers get a lot of advantages worth the added size.

A bigger box mod can hold alluring features like better or multiple batteries, digital displays, meters breakers and high wattage power controllers and temperature controls.

Narrowing your choices

Box mods are ordinarily an update that users work towards after some time. Box mods are best for experienced vapers who know precisely what they’re searching for – for instance better battery life, more stronger flavor or greater clouds.

Battery – Box mods were initially created to address the issue of battery life, are as yet a key reason users search out this style. The bigger box allows interior batteries and rechargeable high drain batteries in single, double or even triple setups. When all is said in done, the bigger the battery, the bigger the case mod will be, yet the benefit of this is they should be charged less frequently and can take long days and ceaseless use.

Variable wattage/variable voltage – The capacity to alter the VV/VW yield offers the adaptability to change between an assortment of atomizers with various resistance, coil types and wire sizes. You can control and change the amount of heat created by coils with a couple of clicks of a button, modifying the flavor or burn of the e-liquid and length of pull.

Temperature control – Temperature control is another new and advanced feature made accessible through box mods. This convenient feature counteracts unpleasant dry hits by constraining the ability to keep the coil from heating past the specified threshold.

We would suggest perusing our selection of high quality Sub Ohm kits and box mods in the event that you find the above advantages appealing – or in case you’re keen on turning into a budding cloud-chaser!

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