PG vs VG

PG vs VG – what you have to know

pg vs vg

Discover what the distinction among PG vs VG e-liquids is and how to pick the right PG/VG blend to suit your vaping needs.

PG and VG are two terms related with e-liquid however few individuals know the distinction. We dig into what each term means, and demonstrate to you best practices to pick the right PG/VG blend dependent on your needs.

In the event that you utilize e-cigarettes, you’ll rapidly get comfortable with the terms VG and PG. Both are key elements for e-liquid, and are safe to usu, yet there are contrasts in them that it’s great to think about.

PG – Propylene glycol

PG is a thin, clear, unscented fluid, which has for quite some time been utilized as a food preservative, in inhalers and other medicinal items, in pet food, in beauty products, , and to bring flavour in food and e-liquids.

E-liquids with a high PG content give a strong throat hit, which a few people contrast with the feeling of smoking tobacco. Since it brings flavor so well, it’s frequently utilized in e-liquids to upgrade the taste of the flavor concentrates.

A little percentage of individuals can be susceptible to PG, while others can encounter aggravation when utilizing it in their e-cigarettes. Reactions could be a rash, shortness of breath, stomach irritated or sore throat. A portion of these symptoms could likewise be caused by stopping smoking, and others could vanish following half a month of utilizing e-cigarettes. It’s vital to drink heaps of water when you change to an e-cigarette with a high PG count, and change to 100% VG if the side effects don’t fade, or in the event that you do encounter a hypersensitive response like a rash.

VG – Vegetable Glycerine

Dissimilar to PG, VG e-liquid is thick, normally sweet and substantial, produced using vegetable oil. It’s normally utilized in food products, beauty products like cosmetics, toothpaste, as a sweetener and now in e-liquid.

There’s little danger of hypersensitivity to VG e-liquid, except if you are delicate to vegetable oils like coconut or palm oil, so it’s an incredible option to PG. It additionally gives a smooth vaping experience, without the equivalent strong throat hit as PG, which bunches of individuals prefer while vaping.

A standout amongst the most agreeable things about VG is that high VG fluid can deliver incredible vape clouds, so it’s extraordinary on the off chance that you like thick clouds when you vape. The drawback to the thickness of the fluid is that it needs more capacity to deliver the vapor, you can in some cases get a ‘burnt’ taste, and it implies more regular maintenance of your e-cigarette.

Much the same as PG, you may find that you get a sore throat when you first begin vaping high VG e-liquids or quit smoking cigarettes, yet bunches of water should encourage you.

What to pick

You’ll see that most e-liquids have a mix of PG and VG in them, to enable clients to encounter a good proportion of vapor, flavor, and throat hit.

When you first begin vaping, it very well may be a smart thought to try out various VG/PG blends to see which you incline toward. On the off chance that you need enormous clouds, sweetness or a smooth inclination, go for a high VG fluid or 100% VG. In the event that you need a strong throat hit, scarcely any vapor, or more grounded e-liquid flavors, search for a high PG count.

Something else to consider is the vaping kit that you utilize – some need an explicit VG/PG blend to work appropriately. Continuously check the e-cigarette directions to ensure you utilize the right mix.

You’ll soon discover the ideal PG vs VG proportion for you, leaving you prepared to kick back and try different things with flavors!

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