Tips to Avoid Clearomizer Mistakes

Tips to Avoid Clearomizer Mistakes

Tips to Avoid Clearomizer Mistakes

Here are tips to avoid clearomizer mistakes:

1. Covering the air hole

All clearomizers need an airflow to deliver vapor. An airflow is basic for your clearomizer to work.

Contingent upon what model you have, you will either have little indents at the base of the clearomizer, holes in the sides of the clearomizer or an airflow ring where you can control the measure of air into the clearomizer to give you pretty much vapor.

2. E-Liquid down the middle.

On the off chance that you have a top filled clearomizer e.g. CE4, the center metal tube must be avoided to stop the e-liquid running straight out the bottom. Bottom filled clearomizers e.g. FUSE, have a center plastic tube which should likewise be avoided

To fill effectively hold your Clearomizer at a 45 degree angle and pour the e-liquid gradually around the center tube.

On the off chance that you do accidently get fluid down the center the clearomizer may gurgle. This can be effortlessly settled however by drying the center with a cotton bud or tissue, you’ll be vaping without end in the blink of an eye!

3. Overfilling

Overfilling your clearomizer expands its possibility of spilling. Just fill your clearomizer to the printed line

4. Having a loose heating element

A large portion of our clearomizers have the alternative to replace the heads or coils. These are easy to change however ensure that it’s tightened back safely. The coil or head is the heating component of the clearomizer. In the event that the coil is loose your e-cig can’t deliver vapor.

5. Low battery power

In the event that your battery is coming up short on charge, there is less capacity to the clearomizer and the measure of vapor will diminish. To get a great deal of vapor you need a completely charged battery.We sell a wide range of sorts of batteries.

6. Taking long draws

Long drags can harm your clearomizer. E-cigs ought to be utilized in short draws.

7. Not enough e-liquid

The atomizer (head/coil) should be completely soaked in e-liquid. In the event that the fluid runs too low the clearomizer may ‘dry burn’ and should be replaced all the more regularly. Furthermore, it won’t taste especially pleasant!

8. Not letting it soak

With a new clearomizer, it is prescribed to let the e-liquid douse into atomizer (head/coil) before use to dodge a ‘dry burn’. In the event that you are edgy for a vape or are on the run, just breathe in without pressing the button on the battery to draw the e-liquid into the heating element. You’ll rapidly be vaping once more.

9. Keeping in pockets

As you take a seat, weight is put on the clearomizer which can make cracks show up. We do have rather snazzy e-cig cases or lanyards to avoid this.

10. Maintenance

Clean the connection between your battery and clearomizer consistently for a nice connection and a wonderful vape. In the event that there is any residue or dust and debris on the top of you battery this can affect your vape so clean it routinely with a cotton bud or tissue.

We do hope that these simple tips to avoid clearomizer mistakes will help you. On the off chance that you have any comments or any additional tips to avoid clearomizer mistakes, just comment below.

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